Wednesday, October 26, 2011


October has been great! Natalie finally learned to crawl, eat more "solid" foods, climb up the stairs, and say "uh-oh." Still no "mom", but I guess maybe I should be grateful for that while it lasts. Brian's doing fabulously with classes and is most likely going to quit working at LDS Hospital in January so he can take, like, 40 credits or something and just get this schooling thing over with. We also went to Moab/Castle Valley for Fall Break and went to Arches - it was Brian and Natalie's first time there, and Natalie's first encounter with sand. The verdict: sand is okay if it's in the sun.

At Grandpa Darr's, she fell asleep in her Bumbo while everyone was talking. She looks just like her Great Great Grandpa McCain. Awesome.

A view from the rest stop. Arches is in the background, and the La Sal mountains farther back, which is where we eventually ended up. Right on top of that mountain.

She still doesn't exactly "crawl" - it's more like a gimpy scoot to wherever she can get. She always drags one leg. Because why move two legs when you only need to move one?

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