Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Made it Through July!

July has been hectic but fun. Brian started a new job, both of our cars were in the shop for a several days getting a new AC compressor (the Mazda) and body work after hitting a huge tire on the freeway (the Volvo), and we spent a LOT of time at school getting the classroom ready.

Only three more weeks of summer! :(


One day Natalie decided to take a nap, so we took out the "grass" (weeds) and put in some flower beads.


Natalie the Daredevil. She thinks it's funny that Mom's freaking out about her hitting her head.

We went to see the floats that were in the Pioneer Day Parade. Natalie was pretty smug at first.

Yay! We love giraffes!

Claire laughing at something in the distance ... probably an imaginary gypsy or something.

We also had our first trip to Ikea and she tested out everything from the beds to the trash cans.


  1. Oh my dole. Get ready to be stalked. I found your blog. Also, I was going through and pruning my facebook friends the other day and got to you and was all, "nope, can't delete Julie!" Bahahaha.

    Also, my verification word is 'hymello.' Try to tell me that's not funny crap.

  2. I can think of so few things that make me happier than pictures of all y'all.