Saturday, February 5, 2011

Natalie's Greatest Hits 2010-2011

Having a baby is pretty cool. Natalie is 8 weeks old and has become very giggly and likes to converse with her toys. Her favorites are the ceiling fan, empty corners, her seahorse, her squeaky giraffe, and the cursed and ever-elusive yellow cat that hangs from her swing. She loves bath time, only wakes up once during the night - and not for long - and likes to grab hair. She is the greatest.

Day 2 of being home from the hospital - she's relaxed her legs by now, but she still likes to show off that she can get her arms over her head.

Natalie loves her swing (note the evil yellow cat on the right - her arch nemesis); she also loves flashing gangster signs.

Before she started all this giggling business, she generally had a look of disgust on her face. This is what we saw probably 60% of the time.

We might as well do something with all her hair. But giving her devil horns is all we can come up with.

Laughing either at dad or the fan - her two best friends.

She loves her giraffe - it was the first thing she would follow with her eyes (although she's not doing that in this picture), and the first thing that made her smile and laugh.

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