Friday, October 15, 2010

More Goings On

At the beginning of the month, Brian went with our first grade class to the Zoo. He was the only parent to not lose a kid! Side note: don't ever take 25 six-year-olds to the super-hilly Hogle Zoo in the 90-degree heat in your eighth month of pregnancy. Speaking of which, I am huge:

Or at least I just look enormous. My doctor says I'm measuring "perfectly", and that everything else is going "perfectly" and he keeps referring to me as being on "cruise-control," which is all fabulous, but it means we don't get a 34-week ultrasound because it's not "medically necessary." Lame.

We only have 7 more weeks (hopefully). I have my sub all ready to go, and luckily we have a two-week Christmas break this year so I only have to write about 13 days' worth of sub plans (hooray). The baby (Natalie) moves a LOT, especially at 10:00 pm, during what we call the "Baby Party". The Baby Party lasts from 10:00 to midnight and involves a lot of dancing, gymnastics, stretching and what I think is kick-boxing. It's always a fun party. Everyone is invited.

We also adopted the world's best kitten for a week. All he did was sleep. Here's a picture of him when he fell asleep while we were changing the sheets:

His name is Cow. He is adorable. But Brian, being the logical person he is, had the forethought to recognize that we wouldn't want a kitten in a few weeks when we're changing a screaming baby's diapers. So now he lives with some family in Woods Cross. I resent them a lot.

We also went for a drive up the Alpine Loop to see the fall colors. We like the fall.

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